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Paradigm for Excellence's focus is on creating  a well educated, technically prepared, and diverse workforce that is prepared  to advance in the workforce as opportunities arise and empowered to perform at a high level. 

Paradigm for Excellence seeks to provide the same quality training to small and medium size businesses that previously was only available to large corporations through various means that include:

In Class On or Off Site Training Sessions

Zoom Online Training Sessions

Self Paced Online Learning Management Systems

Management and Leadership Training  Subscription Programs


Paradigm for Excellence is a Veteran owned company  backed by a management team of  three MBA professionals with over 60 years of corporate, government contracting, and small business experience.

Dr. Ronnie D Ingram DM, MBA, MBE, Retired USMC MSgt, University Business Adjunct, Sales Coach, Work Force Training Instructor  & Member of International Association of Work Force Professionals.

Samuel Laing MBA, Retired United States Air Force TSgt, Sales Coach & Former Homeland Security  Contract Specialist.


Jerome Pratt MBA, Former Nuclear Chemistry Instructor Dominion Power , Advanced Blue Belt – Six Sigma since 2009,Green Belt Certified – Six Sigma since 2010,& Professional Development  Specialist.



Paradigm for Excellence offers new and creative training that is customer needs based that is results oriented.


Paradigm for Excellence will customize a training plan for your organization that is concerned with enhancing organizational strengths and minimizing and or eliminating organizational weaknesses.

Paradigm for Excellence has 3 intensive Job Training Programs for Work Force Training Participants and other Job seekers.

Non Destructive Inspector Training and Certification

Supply Chain Management 

Sales Training 

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